Video and security technology firm DirectView plans to unveil a wearable body camera featuring fingerprint authentication to identify the wearer.The company says the “next generation” body camera can be paired with DirectView's soon to be deployed cloud solution for storage.The imbedded fingerprint reader is one of other unique features also including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE, the company said in a statement.The increased use of body cameras has taken precedence on the international stage has raised questions over in terms of its relationship to biometrics, but more so over facial recognition software.Roger Ralston, CEO of DirectView commented, “We have had our eye on this very exciting and necessary market and have been evaluating it for a while now. We feel we now have the competitive device that will allow us to enter the market in a very exciting way. The amount of items that are caught on video these days is increasing daily. Our product will help protect people in many areas of society. There are countless opportunities for us to explore.”DirectView noted that it was targeting the municipal and federal arms of government as these have recently taken a much larger interest in implementation of wearable recording devices with the rise of questionable police interaction. In February, New York-based think tank the Data & Society Research Institute published a report focused on police body worn video cameras, saying their aim was to assess the various aspects of the technology, in relation to biometrics and privacy.