Small-form computer producer Shuttle Computer Group has launched biometric scanning hardware.The firm says that its new BR06 Series of intelligent, all-in-one biometric scanning hardware feature faster recognition speeds, a larger user database, and lower power consumption. The BR06, BR06V2 and BR06S also initiate secure door access; models differ by OS, CPU, and Internet access options.”Companies that need security devices for employee admission, time stamping and verification of employee location in case of an emergency need fast, accurate, reliable, customizable hardware options,” said Robert Garcia, channel manager, Shuttle Computer Group, Inc. “Shuttle's BR06 family of all-in-one devices makes it easier for integrators to develop a customized solution for any security installation.”Designed for small and medium businesses, banks, colleges and universities, industrial settings or VIP status access, Shuttle's BR06 Series can be customized for only facial recognition, only fingerprint, and/or only NFC/RFID card reading for single-, double-, or triple-authentication. The BR06 and BR06V2 connect to a server for identify verification; the BR06S is a standalone system that is plug-and-play.Shuttle's BR06 Series each have two cameras, one for IR camera and one colour, for a high degree of accuracy even in low light; a fingerprint scanner; a speaker for audible confirmation; and an RFID reader. There are easily accessible wiring ports as well as Phoenix connectors and a VESA mount for quick installation.Using the Weigand interface, the BR06 devices can also instigate dynamic movements like opening doors, lifting garages, sliding bolts, releasing locks, or virtually any action based upon facial, fingerprint or card recognition.