Shufti Pro, an identity verification services provider has rolled out its Digital COVID Pass solution for fast and authentic COVID test verification at public facilities airports, shopping malls and local travel stations.Shufti Pro is one of the leading vendors of online identity verification solutions, providing KYC verification and AML screening services to various industries around the globe. Now the company is extending its service to business in providing a robust and efficient Digital COVID Pass solution for quick and accurate COVID-PCR test verification.Governments around the world are making new restrictions that require the public facilities to ensure that every citizen visiting must present them with an authentic and negative report of the COVID-19 test. Shufti Pro's Digital COVID Pass can not only verify the report's legitimacy but also streamline the checking process and reduce the hassle of manual labor.CEO of Shufti Pro, Victor Fredung, talks about the significance of digital test verification, “We at Shufti Pro believe that fast yet authentic security is the future, so Digital COVID pass is designed for safe and fast adaptation to the new normal. That is why we are extending technology customization offers to any businesses, public facilities or airport authorities who are willing to use our solution.”Shufti Pro is the only company to provide Digital COVID Pass solution without the requirement of installation and app download.Shufti Pro COVID Pass will perform the following checks:The company's intelligent solution detects QR code manipulationIt verifies test format authenticity, report expiry, issuing lab and name of the user to ensure authentic COVID report screening Shufti Pro's AI is trained to further ensure the authenticity of the report by analyzing the document types and detecting spoof attacksCTO of Shufti Pro, Shahid Hanif spoke about the flexibility of the solution, “Our all-rounder Digital COVID Pass can be accessed through a browser without any installation at all. It's equally useful for both, printed test results and QR code verification.”Talking about the dedication of his team, Shahd said; “Team Shufti Pro will always be in the front line whenever there is the need for a technical revolution in the digital identity landscape.”