Michigan Senator Gary Peters has said that biometric authentication may quickly supersede the chip and PIN capability that was recently introduced on credit cards in the US.Speaking at an event exploring payment technology held Thursday by The Hill newspaper in Washington, DC, Peters said: “Chip and signature [cards] … are actually behind where the Europeans and others [are], and we'll probably leapfrog over that technology very rapidly to get into biometrics and other kinds of security measures,” reported Fed Scoop.Payments giants including Visa and MasterCard have various biometric pilots underway using either one of a combination of face, voice, fingerprint and even ECG recognition to verify a card owner.Mark Nelsen, senior vice president of risk products and business intelligence at Visa, also said at the event: “Biometrics is going to play a bigger role in payments going forward because it can be more convenient and it can be a stronger form of verification.”