The Secure Identity Alliance will showcase a report on the practical realities of establishing identity and improving border control effectiveness in a new paper at SDW 2017. The SIA says the Strong Identity, Strong Borders paper will provide agencies and governments with a best practice guide to the design and implementation of effective eBorder strategies. The paper explores the latest thinking on efficient border management – without sacrificing security or the free movement of people or trade.In a statement, the SIA said that globalisation, combined with an exponential increase in international travellers and migrants, is creating unprecedented challenges for agencies tasked with managing border security and immigration enforcement.”Countries around the world are increasingly looking to make best use of available resources at physical borders and other critical transit checkpoints, utilizing solutions that support information sharing and address threats early – without impacting legitimate travellers,” says FrÉdÉric Trojani, Chairman of the Board, Secure Identity Alliance.”From integrating pre-arrival risk assessment to facilitate the fast processing of travellers who pose a low risk, to biometrics that make it easy to automate immigration controls and assure the privacy of citizens, the race is on to eliminate inefficient practices and use technology to streamline and fortify border security operations.”SIA will be showcasing the report at next-generation government identity solutions event SDW 2017, which will be held on 26-28 June, 2017 in the QEII Centre in London.