In the lead-up to SDW 2016, Security Document World has taken some time out to discuss industry trends with some of the companies that are exhibiting. In this interview, SDW spoke with Sergey Yeliseyev, Business Development Director at eID and payments solutions firm X-Infotech.What do you feel are the most important identity trends this year?Please let me remind you first that X INFOTECH is a global provider of software solutions for the issuance, management and verification of identity documents and smart cards. We help governments and local document producers to implement e-ID programs, providing the IT infrastructure and empowering them to take full control of their projects and businesses.We can see that electronic credentials and documents is an obvious trend which is transforming the identity world. More than 120 countries have already shifted from MRTD documents towards electronic identity to enhance the citizen protection and promote economic development. According to the recent study (Technavio, 2016), the investments will continue to increase reaching a 30% growth rate for the e-passport and e-visa market in the next five years.Likewise, we predict that new generation eID cards will be another trend to watch. With our support, Ireland, Latvia, Cambodia and Uruguay have already introduced e-ID cards. The major benefit for a single hybrid card is easy integration within e-Government and Know Your Customer procedures, increasing efficiency and enabling identity authentication across a variety of applications.What approach does your company take to security solution development that sets you apart from competitors?X INFOTECH is the best fit for governments which are looking for an agile, customer-oriented approach to implement new electronic documents such as e-passports, e-ID cards, e-health cards, e-driver licence and e-social cards. Our high quality solutions along with guaranteed delivery makes us stand out of the leading integrators and software developers. The European Union laissez-passer travel document is one of the examples which showcases our capabilities to implement highly complex projects in a short time.It is worth mentioning that the simplicity is a fundamental principle we apply to provide exceptional customer experience in eID projects. Our experienced implementation team has moved away from the black box approach to provide knowledge transfer which permits the customer to run and control the project.What are some of the challenges your company faces in producing secure credential innovation?Common problems of society drive identity innovations which aim to improve the security and efficiency of citizen identity.In general, I think the identity market is slow in moving towards new, breakthrough solutions, as the decision makers lack up-to-date field knowledge and they prefer well-established means of identification. That is why, X INFOTECH, together with reputable international organizations, makes every effort to educate people on how electronic identity brings financial inclusion and social safety net, improving governance in the country. Both our projects – the Huduma (e-service) card in Kenya and social electronic card in Egypt provide an exceptional case study on how multi-application smart cards improve social inclusion for millions of people.What areas of development will your company be focusing in the next five years?In the upcoming years, we will leverage our local presence in the key markets. We are planning to transform our business in way that would allow us to be closer to the customer.With local offices across Latin America, Africa and Asia, we will expand our geographical presence, bringing new business opportunities and extending the reach of the partner network.X INFOTECH is an integrator and software developer which is open to work together with local document producers and government bodies to support their business while bringing an unprecedented level of security and efficiency to their country.Another potential development is the combination of electronic identity and Know Your Customer solutions to deliver a robust identification system which combines identity verification with exceptional user experience when citizens use their eID or biometric credentials to access public and private services.With 50% of the company's resources invested in in-house R&D activities, our expert team strives to forecast and meet diverse needs of our customers by working on new innovations and extending the product portfolio in electronic identity.Are you attending SDW 2016? Why not stop by X INFOTECH's booth (L65) for a visit?SDW is a world-leading conference and exhibition event providing a global showcase for next-generation human identity solutions, focusing on intrinsic document security and on the new cutting-edge secure infrastructure now required to produce and use these advanced documents in live situations.