American Chemical Society scientists have developed a smart keyboard that not only uses keystroke dynamics to authenticate users, it is also self-powered and self-cleaning.Developed by Zhong Lin Wang with funding from the US Department of Energy, the keyboard can sense typing patterns – including the pressure applied to keys and speed – to accurately distinguish one individual user from another. “The intelligent keyboard (IKB) can not only sensitively trigger a wireless alarm system once gentle finger tapping occurs but also trace and record typed content by detecting both the dynamic time intervals between and during the inputting of letters and the force used for each typing action”, write the developers in the research paper.Uniquely, the keyboard harvests power created by contact electrification between human fingers and keys, and then converts mechanical stimuli applied to the keyboard into local electronic signals without applying an external power.For users who eat their sandwiches at their desk – there is another bonus. The keyboard boasts a special surface coating that repels dirt and grime.