South Korea's Samsung SDS has revealed plans to partner with Sensory, a Silicon Valley company focused on embedded voice and vision technologies.In a statement, the companies said the alignment would result in more convenient ways to use mobile banking and enterprise authentication services. Samsung SDS will use Sensory's TrulySecure face and voice biometrics software for secure user authentication that requires no specialized hardware or biometric scanners. Samsung's SDS FIDO Client product will also use Sensory's FIDO UAF Certified “Authenticators” for face and voice biometrics. As each party's solutions have been independently FIDO Certified, the full Samsung SDS experience will be compliant with FIDO UAF guidelines.The firms have noted that by fusing Sensory's face and voice authentication technologies, an added layer of security can be achieved for higher value transactions by requiring both the users face and voice to be verified.Alternatively, by fusing the two biometric modalities, an added level of convenience can be achieved by requiring that only the user's face or voice be verified.Todd Mozer, Sensory's CEO, stated, “Sensory and Samsung have been working closely for many years in the mobile device and home appliance markets, and we are excited to be expanding our partnership to include mobile payments and authentication for banking and enterprise. Samsung SDS is a leading services supplier in these markets and we are proud to have had our TrulySecure technology selected as their preferred biometrics solution for face and voice authentication.”James Choi, VP and a leader of Mobile Payment, stated, “We are pleased to be working with Sensory to make their TrulySecure authentication technologies a part of our FIDO Certified solution for global banking and enterprise customers. User authentication and mobile security is gaining more significance in this era of digital banking. Working with Sensory will allow us to innovate more secure solutions for our customers and provide them with the future of digital banking, today.”