South Korean tech giant Samsung has patented a palm scanner that could be integrated into the back of smartphones. The Korean patent details a system that looks at points on a person's palm.Specifically, the patent points to palm reading being used when a user is looking to generate a password hint.Rather than falling back on security questions (which can be easily hacked or guessed), the palm reading would throw up a few hints at characters present in the forgotten password. As a patent, there's no guarantee that it'll make its way into a phone – it's Samsung's means of protecting its future gazing ideas. The patent was filed by Samsung with the World Intellectual Property Organisation last week.It describes: 'A control unit for extracting biometric information of a user from an acquired image and acquiring a password hint on the basis of biometric information and a preconfigured password.'The technology would likely use a form of augmented reality to strategically overlay characters of lost passwords on the image of the palm. The revealed list of characters should help you remember your password.Hackers and thieves would not be able to get into your phone using your palm as the full password won't be revealed.