Computer vision developer, SAFR from RealNetworks and IT solutions provider, EPM have secured a high profile contract with a federal agency in the Government of the United Arab Emirates, to provide face-based authentication for secure access at entry points of their HQ. SAFR's face recognition and mask detection capabilities have been embedded in EPM's security platform to allow for registered users to be recognized at secure access points using just their face – even while wearing virus-preventing face masks. The joint solution was implemented using the existing video surveillance infrastructure at the agency location after a successful three-month trial where SAFR from RealNetworks' face recognition was able to provide secure authentication for 15,000 employees with nearly 100% accuracy and no false acceptance of unregistered guests."Outdoor secure access points have unique challenges due to varying environmental conditions. We have been impressed by SAFR's ability to recognize faces even under changing light throughout the day and even at night – including for drivers when they are inside cars," said Hadi Omer, Director – Systems & Solutions, EPM. "We're looking forward to a fruitful partnership and believe that adding SAFR's high-performance computer vision to our portfolio of AI applications will offer even more robust and convenient secure access options for our customers throughout the Middle East."Face recognition is able to provide fast, accurate, contactless secure authentication. Benefits of using face-based authentication include:No physical identification methods required (unless using dual-factor i.e. card + face)AuditableFrictionlessIntegrates with existing platforms and hardwareSAFR's liveness detection and ability to program alerts upon spoofing attempts – as well as 98.85% recognition accuracy for faces partially obscured by masks – ensures real-world conditions are not able to compromise security or user experience."SAFR is committed to building a growing business in the Middle East, offering a range of computer vision solutions for secure access, watchlist monitoring, and more. We're gratified to be working with EPM and pleased that our joint solution has been trusted by a well-respected federal agency to provide authentication for their employees," said Walter Candelu, VP Middle East, SAFR from RealNetworks.