A new capability in Safari 14 (iOS/MacOS) means websites can now use Face ID and Touch ID for frictionless and secure FIDO standards-based logins.This is made possible through FIDO technology, specifically the Web Authentication (WebAuthn) API component of the FIDO2 standards. FIDO is a standard like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but for secure authentication with biometrics or hardware security keys.This follows the Google protection programme news, which allowed the FIDO W3C's WebAuthn technology to be used by Google account users on their Apple mobile devices.”The bigger picture is that this represents a huge step forward in the industry's movement beyond passwords with cryptographically secure authentication through the FIDO Alliance. Apple joins Google and Microsoft in enabling this capability for web logins – allowing consumers to use the authenticators built into their devices to easily log in to online services, and with much greater security than passwords. Apple also became a board member of the FIDO Alliance earlier this year”, said a Fido spokesperson.