Russian biometric access control firm Vocord is launching a face recognition project in India for a logistics firm.Vocord FaceControl is being implemented in conjunction with a local partner; the TAL Secure Systems company.The Vocord face recognition system is being used in the Indian company to automatically register employees' work hours, reports the Russia and India Report.The company specializes in the field of logistics. It has a permanent staff of around 600 people. The company operates around the clock and is practicing a “floating” work schedule.”Vocord” representative said that a use of other techniques in this case; for example, finger print scanning of employees; would require significant variable expenses and would cause problems in the continuous movement of personnel over 24 hours.The system includes the Vocord NetCam4 cameras and an original algorithm and face recognition, which has displayed recognition accuracy of over 98%.”Vocord” CEO Timur Vekilov is confident that the company has chosen the right model to enter the new market.”Today we are demonstrating the first results of work which we have been doing for several years. Especially for the Indian market, we have segmented our product line, developed a product focused on the Indian market, and plan to work with potential customers. In the future, we are going to expand the range of Vocord intelligent solutions in the field of effective security in the region,” Vekilov said.