The civil voter registry in Honduras has just completed the migration of 6 million citizens into the cloud registration database with biometric enrolment. Honduras validates the population in two ways, when delivering the national ID card with facial recognition and in the electoral process.

In partnership with the UNDP over 18 months, they have visited every place of electoral registration in Honduras to support social development and national voting through collecting fingerprint biometrics and delivering the best civil registration census in the Americas.

The Registro Nacional de las Personas programme is a very effective tool to alleviate the poverty problem and it brings the furthest populations into the fold of mainstream society through widespread identification and the intelligence of collecting fingerprints from all citizens.

Striving for the highest standard recognition of ISO compliance, Honduras also works with technology of the age like blockchain and to develop future standards that ensure only useful data is collected from the citizen.

“That is one of the big mistakes of the government – collecting data that is very personal and they never use. So we have this principle. All data we collect we classify – confidential, personal and public data” – Rolando Kattán, President Commissioner, Registro Nacional de las Personas (Honduras).