Revenues for the biometrics market will hit US$13.8 million in 2015, according to a new report by ABI Research.While the majority of revenues are currently drawn from governmental contracts, ABI says that increased consumer acceptance of biometric modalities will see the consumer and enterprise segments overtake government spending by 2018.The firm wrote that enterprise demand is seeing a plethora of wearables and smartphone technologies to implement biometrics into their products and services, with the fingerprint modality being the most common.”Citizens are gradually gaining acceptance in terms of utilizing their fingerprint data to identify themselves [and] the accuracy-cost-acceptance-intrusive ratio of fingerprint technology makes it ideal at this point-in-time in a larger scale than other biometrics”.The report states that companies like Apple and Samsung are leading the field in mobile integration of biometric modalities, while 3M Cogent, MorphoTrak, and NEC Corporation are leading the biometrics field altogether.Geographically, the research group expects North America and Asia-Pacific to drive the field in sales in the following years. However, it adds that markets in the Middle East will be boosted by mandatory biometric registration in the coming years.