TECH5 is an international technology leader and innovator that emerged into the identity industry with a biometrics-driven focus and has expanded today to deliver functional and foundational IDs.

With a high NIST rating, TECH5’s assured solutions demonstrate their success journey to-date which still continues today. TECH5 will be showcasing fresh use cases at Identity Week Europe 2023 in Amsterdam next week (13-14 June).

Our editor, catches up with Rahul Parthe, Co-founder and Technology lead, at TECH5. You can meet them at Booth #264.

We asked TECH5:

  • What factors have helped TECH5 achieve a top tier NIST ranking for face, fingerprint and iris recognition technologies?
  • What is your experience in developing foundational and functional IDs?
  • How do you ensure interoperability with government systems and data privacy?
  • How can we combat inherent bias within biometric technologies?
  • Is TECH5 innovating the future of biometrics?
  • What do you hope to get from attending Identity Week Europe?