Want the detailed brief on what our panels will entail at Identity Week Europe 2023?

Our stages are set and the highest calibre of identity industry speakers have travelled in from across Europe to prepare for the event’s opening day, which will be full of impressive technology showcases and advocating presentations for identity applications.

June 13: 11:20
Panel title: Digital Onboarding for Government Services

The scope of this session will cover digital onboarding initiatives from government providers for state-issued ID, discussing in tandem how we ensure we secure citizen data and cross-border compatibility with government data. Physical document security will be covered in another panel. 

The participants in this panel will be discussing how to increase usability and un-complicate the onboarding process with automated physical and online processes.

How can authentication be streamlined across borders?

Gabriel Marquie, Senior Manager of Digital Identity, at IATA is on this panel providing a relevant travel perspective in light of the crossover with government partnership and collaboration for delivering national IDs for travel onboarding. Our speakers will explore how additional advanced international cohesion can be achieved, especially for travel and the overarching eIDAS regulation.

Another important aspect of onboarding to obtain a government ID is inclusion in the digitalised onboarding process as citizens across the world adapt to digital services and applications. In order to increase onboarding participation, the adoption of digital and physical identity itself should drive government agendas, reaching isolated and homogenous populations and ensuring accessible applications.

The European standard eIDAS should have a broader reach and relevance on a global scale – we will look at how government can ensure eIDAS compliance on a worldwide scale, whose responsible it is for privacy – the person or the government – and asking would governments benefit from a decentralised platform for digital onboarding.

Join us for what promises to be the most thought-led industry forum in the calendar for 2023.

Speakers include: