Remote proctoring firm ProctorU has launched a new security solution aimed at educational institutions that uses behavioural biometrics.The Ucard product covers everything from tracking attendance to managing financial aid, because “colleges and training organizations need better identity management and authentication”, says ProctorU.Initially a user such as an exam candidate will face a live proctor who checks their ID and takes their photo to keep on file. The user then faces anti-fraud measures including a keystroke analysis enrolment process that creates a profile for him or her. This behavioural biometric can then be used by the college.CEO Don Kassner told Education Dive: “The nice thing is that we've watched you created that biometric, and now the college can use that at any time. If they want to put that in an assignment, at the beginning of the assignment, we can now ping that against the original record and determine with a high percentage whether it's the same person.”That gives colleges and universities the chance to really make sure that people who are doing the coursework are present when it's being done throughout the course. They're getting real excited about that for attendance tracking purposes.”