In collaboration with the leading fingerprint sensor supplier Egis Technology (Egis), Precises' software for fingerprint recognition in mobile devices – Precise BioMatch Mobile – has been deployed in a series of smartphones. The integration – in addition to the previous integration that was communicated on August 5th, 2019 – is expected to generate approximately 15 MSEK in revenue.”We are pleased to receive this additional integration which is a recognition of the quality of our leading fingerprint software and that our strategic direction of increasing our presence in Asia is showing results. We continue to work hard to offer world leading biometric solutions and improve the quality of our products, whether it's software for mobile devices and smart cards or solutions for verification of digital identity”, says Precise CEO Stefan K. Persson.Total revenue from today's announced integration is expected to amount to approximately 15 MSEK during second half of 2019, in the form of royalties based on actual number of devices utilizing Precise BioMatch Mobile, together with a fee for licensing the software and for support and maintenance.