Canadian fraud prevention software provider Plurilock Security Solutions has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued it a behavioural biometrics patent.The firm noted that US Patent US8230232 B2 covers a system and methods for computer user profiling using behavioural biometrics.Plurilock says its product, BioTracker, is the first security software solution to provide continuous user authentication throughout a user's session, making a security breach unfeasible.The approach consists of establishing distinctive profiles for computer users by determining how they use a motion-based input device such as a mouse and/or a keyboard. Individual users are identified based on the measurement and analysis of their typing rhythm and speed, as well as how they uniquely manoeuvre their mouse.”It is estimated that a data breach costs a company an average of $3.8 million, with most breaches involving stolen account credentials,” said Plurilock CEO Barry Carlson.”Organisations that retain and manage confidential, highly sensitive data need a system that can unfailingly prevent a security breach. The R&D behind our groundbreaking technology has been refined over the last six years and our accomplished team of PhD's has been shrewd and meticulous in creating a software solution that offers the most advanced security, protection and reliability in user identity verification.”