Phonexia, a Czech company that is a leader in voice biometrics and speech analytics, announces the release of its new product for law enforcement agencies, Phonexia Orbis, that allows investigators to perform extremely efficient audio data analyses.Phonexia's extensive experience from hundreds of public security projects from all around the world has given birth to a unique on-premise software solution that extracts sophisticated insights from considerable amounts of audio seamlessly using a precise coupling of Phonexia's innovative voice biometrics and speech analytics technologies, and displays these findings in a modern, important-information-first graphical user interface.”Every single part of the Phonexia Orbis user interface has been designed with an investigator in mind. They are now able to uncover and connect important insights from audio with just a few clicks, manage their notes and findings in one place, run further analyses, and visualize and share the results effortlessly,” says Tomáš Bia, Orbis Product Manager at Phonexia.The solution has built in several specific features to make the investigator's life as easy as possible. These features include effortless case management, automatic speaker filtering, the instant generation of reports, automatic skipping of the audio parts that do not contain speech, and easy-to-grasp network map visualization, to name just a few.Besides offering an outstanding investigation-focused interface, Phonexia Orbis provides exceptionally accurate voice biometrics and speech recognition analysis due to its leveraging of Phonexia's latest generation of state-of-the-art deep neural networks. In the upcoming releases, Phonexia Orbis will also support other Phonexia technologies, such as language identification, gender recognition, and speech transcription, to help investigators solve even more investigation challenges.