PayGOV has announced a partnership with First Biometrics to develop a secure, multi-functional device for personal security.In a statement, the firms said their product combines all the cards normally found in your wallet in one, easy to use product, no larger than a standard credit card.Using advanced biometrics, each device is kept secure, and accessible only by the intended user. The user can store their credit/debit cards, personal identification, insurance, and can even be used as a physical access or employee id card. Information for up to 5 people can be stored on the device and each persons' information only accessible with a valid thumb print.Charlie Gomez, found of First Biometrics explained the product, “Our goal was to develop a multi-functional storage device to replace your wallet. One tool to replace all your cards. In addition to securely storing your credit and insurance cards, it can also be used as the ideal identification and access card for HIPPA and PCI regulated facilities. The device can be white labeled and modified to fit the needs of our clients.”