Small-medium sized enterprises calling for smoother access to banking services are being heard by big banks.

A partnership has been struck between CRIF, teaming up with KYC, and Ping An OneConnect Bank, a digital bank in Hong Kong where the focus is on swifter onboarding and authentication processes through cloud-native solutions. The software, developed by CRIF, will help banking and financial institutions to implement monitoring protocols and manage real-time onboarding including automatically receiving documents.

Jamie Anderson, Global Head of Sales at Know Your Customer, said, “We have seen time and time again how the modular design and unique set-up of our solutions are especially compatible with the needs of virtual and digital banks in Hong Kong and globally”. 

The landscape of big banks and digital banking will be incorporated into a packed two days at Identity Week Asia, taking place on 7-8 November, 2023 in Singapore.

Bringing together regional views on digital payments, fraud prevention, digital onboarding and IAM in the financial services, and lots more, we will have a range of brilliant banking and finance speakers with years of expertise to share in meaningful discussions towards affecting change.