Conceiving a secure temporary ID document or badge is nothing short of reinventing the Swiss Army knife. Not only does it need to fulfil the same security requirements as a regular ID card – but in addition, it must be fit for short-timed, de-centralized, digital or manual issuance conditions and is typically subject to very restrained budgets. The use cases for temporary ID documents though are numerous – from a learner's driving permit to laissez-passer border documents to a procurement authorization. They need to have anti-counterfeiting protection, preventing the personal data – either completed manually or printed – from being tampered with. Despite their limited validity periods, the documents must be sturdy and resilient enough to survive multiple uses and rough handling. The security features should facilitate quick and reliable authenticity checks, but not compromise the economic viability of the ID. Responding to all these needs could be a headache for local or central governments or any issuer of such temporary documents. To address this issue, OVD Kinegram has developed a robust, highly secure and rapid-issuance-compliant solution – the KINEGRAM Easy Card. This paper-based card can be swiftly integrated into existing issuance processes. It does not require any investment – neither in staff training nor in hardware, such as specific printers or laminators. Rather, it can easily be personalized manually or with any commercially available printer. The KINEGRAM Easy Card is supplied on custom-sized sheets ready to be personalized. A KINEGRAM security feature, world-renowned technology protecting passports, ID documents and banknotes, is integrated either into the paper or into a cold laminate which is simply folded over the card. Thus, the personalization is protected and the card itself is secured against wear and tear, drastically improving its lifespan. While very easy to issue, this solution offers strong protection against manipulation and falsification attempts. UV features, security print, watermark and the high security cold laminate with security punching form a bulwark against any criminal intentions to manipulate or counterfeit the card. The KINEGRAM technology, gold standard in securing government documents around the world, is at the heart of the Easy Card. In short, the KINEGRAM Easy Card consolidates all the advantages of a paper-based document, most notably the easy personalization by hand or by standard printing equipment, with the benefits of a secure laminate which offers protection against manipulation and increases the lifespan of the document. It is easy to issue, easy to authenticate and easily fits into economical budgets. Address your questions about the solution to us or to discuss the use of KINEGRAM Easy Card for a particular purpose with our experts at OVD KINEGRAM: Contact. For more information on our products and solutions, visit our website or social media channels.