OT-Morpho has launched Licence2Go, a solution for digital licences, through its Australian subsidiary Morpho AustralasiaAccording to the company, the platform allows holders to dematerialise identification documents in their smartphone, benefiting from security and flexibility, with availability 'anywhere, anytime, on the go.'OT-Morpho says the main licence app is complemented by a verification app, whereby police or others requiring ID checks can verify the details of the licence holder without needing to hold the device. Licence2Go works on the principle of Privacy by Design, and at all stages, control of personal data remains with the device owner. Contactless verification takes place between devices, with no personal data transmitted, even in areas away from mobile coverage. Depending on the level of authority required for a specific transaction, the licence holder is able to choose which information is shared, such as name, address and date of birth. Licence details can be visually verified in-person or online, where facial verification can be used in the case of secure transactions such as loan applications.Morpho Australasia is working with Transport authorities to customise the solution and brand the apps with the design of the issuing authority. The company has already begun a pilot study with an Australian Transport authority and is working to produce further pilots around the Asia-Pacific region in the second half of 2017. “Licence2Go is able to connect identity from the physical world into the digital world,” says Tim Ferris, OT-Morpho, managing director for Morpho Australasia. “We have had some great feedback from several jurisdictions and look forward to when leaving the physical document at home is no longer a problem.”