Medline today announced it is on track to sign nearly 800 customer contracts for its Post-Acute Solutions program, aimed at offering technology-based quality and workforce management solutions for long-term care providers. This is a 30% increase in total program signings compared to 2019.Medline currently partners with solutions providers OnShift, Real Time Medical Systems, HealthStream online learning and abaqis by HealthStream, to provide technology-based programs that help recruit and retain staff, improve clinical performance, address potential survey deficiencies and increasing price per day reimbursement for residents.In 2020, more than 500 national and regional nursing homes worked with Medline to roll out programs at their facilities, including Nexion Health, who signed a HealthStream contract for 43 facilities. Additionally, Focused Post Acute Care Partners in Texas, Florida-based Gulf Coast Health Care and South Carolina-based South Atlantic Health Care have each signed contracts to implement Real Time at more than 60 nursing homes across their organizations.”2020 has been one of the most challenging years for healthcare and we know everyone at all levels is exhausted. We're also hearing from customers about how the pandemic has amplified some of the traditional challenges they face, especially around staff engagement,” said Shawn Scott, vice president of strategic business development, Medline's Post-Acute Care division. “This shift in a greater desire for real-time data tools demonstrates how leaders are becoming savvier than ever to react, adapt and lead, and we are grateful to act as extensions of their team to drive meaningful impact.” In 2020, more than half of customer contracts accounted for programs that predict survey deficiencies and enhance reimbursement. Real Time launched this year an interactive Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship Surveillance solution that simplifies reporting requirements and identifies early onsets of infections and monitors antibiotic usage by using live EHR data. Furthermore, while CMS temporarily paused annual surveys, there is a COVID specific survey. To assist providers in adapting to the new regulation, abaqis by HealthStream introduced a free COVID self-assessment survey, an exact replicate of the CMS survey for nursing homes to help facilities predict potential deficiencies.Long-term care providers have long struggled with turnover, a challenge that can significantly impact an organization's bottom line. On average, turnover cost is about $3,500 per employee. It has never been more urgent for organizations to think differently to retain employees. Because of this critical issue, more than 100 Medline customers signed contracts in 2020 to OnShift, a leader in human capital management software for post-acute care and senior living. The company's next-generation platform fundamentally transforms the relationship between healthcare organizations and their employees. Their innovative approach to recruitment, hiring, workforce management and engagement fosters a culture where people want to work. OnShift recently introduced, OnShift Time, a facial recognition biometric technology that eliminates the need for expensive time clocks and helps keep staff safe from COVID-19.