Data security furm NuData has commented on the news that one million stolen credentials from Fortune 500 companies were found for sale on the dark web by security researchers from Immuniweb.Rosemary O'Neill, Director of Customer Delivery for NuData Security, a Mastercard company says, “The trafficking in passwords is not a novelty anymore. Data on everyone is for sale on the dark web. Stolen information from a data breach may be used minutes later or months later, depending on how many intermediaries are behind the scenes.”Even if a breach is communicated half a year later, it is still crucial to update a password because consumer data may be leveraged at any time. Cybercriminals are using the stolen records for threats such as brute force attacks – matching consumer usernames with a working password on a 24×7 basis. This is the main reason why companies, even if their security or password-storing measures are top-notch, need to shore up their user authentication frameworks to protect from the other companies' security flaws.”Passive biometrics verification security is one such technology that does not rely on credentials and helps companies protect from the use of stolen user data. This technology helps verify people based on their behavior and allows online companies to block fraudulent intrusions and transactions even if the cybercriminal has the right password or other credentials.”