Police in the North Carolina city of Eden have implemented a new fingerprint solution that is designed to identify suspects remotely.The Mobile Fingerprint Identification solution, developed by ID Networks, is a single-finger scanner that connects to the laptop in a police car via Bluetooth. The device requires two fingerprints before it sends the data to a server at the Rockingham County 911 Center and on to the state.”The police come into contact on a daily basis with people that have no identification and lie about their name and the police have nothing they can do about it. They can't just arrest everybody, so this is a tool that provides them, under the right circumstances, [a way] to identify people in the field,” Biometrics Product Manager for ID Networks, Inc. Derek Tapper told Rockingham Now.”North Carolina is a market we are interested in expanding into,” he said. “We have a statewide implementation in Virginia for another of our systems, so this was an extension of a state to go into. It's also my hometown. There were a lot of good people that were willing to work with me to get this going at both the local and state level.”