Norwegian fingerprint sensor firm Next Biometrics has released a new USB-based device, which can be connected to a variety of mobile and desktop computing gear, and a flexible smartcard sensor.Known as the Oyster II, the USB-based device leverages the same form factor used in NEXT's “Oyster I” fingerprint reader that was introduced in 2015. The Oyster II peripheral sensor module includes a large active reader area for more reliable imaging, and is designed to serve a broad range of market applications requiring both security and convenience.”Building on the success of NEXT's fingerprint sensor technology that is now widely designed into mobile computing devices, we're introducing a USB version that can be easily transported and used for an even broader set of fingerprint authentication applications,” said Radek Matyasek, senior vice president of Sales at NEXT. “We've taken our leading fingerprint sensing capability and greatly expanded how and where it can now be used.”Meanwhile, NEXT Biometrics and Tactilis have also demonstrated what the firms describe as the first smart card using flexible fingerprint sensor technology compliant with international standards.Tactilis has integrated NEXT's advanced large area flexible sensor technology into its biometric-system-on-card (BSoC) to deliver a higher level of security and outstanding user experience for financial, governmental and access control mass markets. The demonstration is taking place here this week at TRUSTECH 2017.”NEXT's advanced large-area flexible sensor delivers the security and reliability that will help move the use of biometric smart card technology into widespread adoption by the industry,” said Ritu Favre, CEO of NEXT Biometrics. “Working together with Tactilis we are able to deliver a product that can be manufactured in volume and which meets the stringent standards requirements demanded in real life implementation.”The NEXT NB610 flexible fingerprint sensor has been incorporated into smart cards developed and manufactured by Tactilis that are compliant with the ISO 17839 standard defining the implementation of biometric system-on-a-card devices. This is the first ISO 17839 compliant smart card with flexible fingerprint sensor technology. Tactilis has already integrated NEXT's non-flexible sensor, the NB 5510 (announced in 2016), into smart cards that are currently shipping to customers.”We strongly believe large and flexible sensors are absolutely necessary to provide fast one-touch verification and exceptional user experience, while simultaneously providing the highest level of security for the card issuer and the card user,” said Michael Gardiner, CEO of Tactilis. “Ease of enrollment and the ability to work with existing installed infrastructure will also allow for rapid low-cost adoption. We partnered with NEXT because their sensor technology and long-term strategy help us deliver products that meet the new BSoC industry standards and user preferences necessary for mass market adoption.”