A New York state is re-considering their planned usage of facial recognition software in their cameras.Lockport City School District thought they were done with debating the topic when they passed their SmartSchools plan in 2016, reports the Lockport Union-Sun and Journal.Superintendent Michelle Bradley said on Thursday that LCSD has not set a date yet to implement its facial recognition software. The school district is spending $1.4 million under the $4.2 million SmartSchools Bond Act allocation to implement Aegis, a facial recognition software developed by Ontario-based SN Tech Corporation. The software features a safe recognition tool that will detect face in a database and match them and the top 10 guns used in school shootings and a forensic search engine. The Aegis facial recognition software will send an alert to designated people if it detects a person on an unwanted list established by the district. The list could include: students who have been suspended, staff suspended or on administrative leave, level 2 or 3 sex offenders, any person that has been notified that they may not be on district property, anyone prohibited from entry to district property by court order or anyone believed to pose a threat.However, due to privacy concerns 100 residents signed a petition to ask the district to stop the project and not approve its $3.9 million contract with Ferguson Electric, which included the Aegis software. The debate is expected to continue in 2019.