Multi-modal biometric ID firm NEC has launched a new mobile fingerprint collection device designed for public safety applications in the field.NEC says the NeoScan 45, which features a larger scanning platen for better image quality and greater accuracy, is the thinnest and lightest fingerprint capture device on the market. It measures in at 17.3 mm thin and weights 217 grams.”The NeoScan 45 represents a tremendous achievement for the NEC Biometrics Solutions Division,” said Raffie Beroukhim, vice president, Biometrics Solutions Division, NEC Corporation of America. “It is the outcome of our global research and engineering leading to the development of the form and function of the device.”The NeoScan also boasts a Sherlock sensor developed by Integrated Biometrics, and Light Emitting Sensor technology that effectively captures single, dual, plain and roll fingerprint impressions.Meanwhile, built-in support of FBI NIST Fingerprint Image Quality (NFIQ) checks provide immediate feedback on quality of the captured fingerprints. It can power up to 200 scans per day and has 24 hours of standby.