Digital democracy platform and civic organisation MyVoice has tied up with iDenfy to implement a robust and legally sound authorization system so that only legit Latvians can use their platform to file a petition.A collaboration with iDenfy will help MyVision provide digital tools to all Latvian citizens spread across the globe for civic participation.iDenfy will be offering its identity verification solutions to MyVoice so that they can give legal authorization to the Latvians on their platform who have no access to i-banking accounts and the official eSignature.Previously, the authorizations for ManaBalss.Iv and other related platforms were conducted with the help of Latvian iBanks. iDenfy gives MyVoice the opportunity to reach Latvians who have no access to national digital identification tools.Imants Breidaks, the CEO of MyVoice/ManaBalss, says, “The partnership with iDenfy enhances the effectiveness of citizens' digital participation provided by MyVoice, which already is globally unique, and scales it cross-borders. We hope that this precedent will encourage also the development of digital participation in policy-making processes internationally making them truly inclusive and democratic.”Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy, says, “We feel privileged to have partnered with MyVoice. The initiative they have taken to strengthen democracy via a digital medium is appreciable. We're pretty confident that our identity verification solution will make their way easier to persuade the general public to promote their initiatives in the national parliament of Latvia”. He further says, “Our powerful remote identity verification solution will enable this non-profit public NGO to verify and authorise legitimate Latvians scattered across the globe who want to be part of this noble initiative”.The team at MyVoice believes that implementing iDenfy's solution will help them scale national solutions internationally.