Deputy Editor, Craig GuthrieOne of the greatest challenges faced by financial institutions implementing biometric authentication in mobile apps is ensuring that the feature is frictionless on all devices and for all potential demographics.A potential route towards satisfying more users is offering multiple, complementary modalities and methods to authenticate.For instance, Mountain America made headlines last May by becoming one of the first financial institutions in the US to offer a dual-biometric authentication solution for its members.Rather than just offering a Touch ID fingerprint login on iPhones as many other credit unions and banks, Mountain America chose to support both fingerprint and eyeprint authentication.The latter option uses EyeVerify's Eyeprint ID technology for the eye-imaging authentication feature.Planet Biometrics talked to Nanette Graviet, Mountain America's VP of Public Relations, about the financial institution's mobile biometric app implementation.What inspired Mountain America to create a biometric banking app?Mountain America added the ability for members to utilize biometrics in our existing native app to ease the log in process. Security is top of mind for many consumers as they do their banking with their mobile device or online. As a result, members are creating complex passwords that are difficult to remember and difficult to enter for every log in. We wanted to be able to tie the biometric to the complex password, enabling our members to do business with us more conveniently.Why have you decided to offer two biometric options for logging in?Our mobile usage is approximately 43% Android and 57% iOS. If we enabled Touch ID on iPhones 5S and newer and Fingerprint scanning on Android (which is mostly Samsung devices), we weren't reaching a large enough segment of our members to make the biometric technology truly beneficial. So we looked for a technology that worked for a wider range of devices. We found that EyeVerify's EyePrint ID worked with any mobile device equipped with a one-megapixel (or better), front-facing.What are the extent of commands that can be authenticated with biometrics? Are there plans to extend this? Currently, it includes login only.Did you face any challenges in the biometric implementation? We did not. It was very simple and straight forward. We had first-rate support from EyeVerify throughout the implementation of EyePrint ID.Do you believe that mobile bank interactions will increasingly replace branch visits?We have already seen mobile interactions increasing at a rapid pace; however, we believe that there will always be a need for the branches.