More than half of Russians are not ready to get electronic passports yet, according to a survey by VCIOM Russian public opinion research center. 85% of Russian citizens heard about the plans to digitalize the main ID, but only 31% believe it's a good idea. The majority which is 59% is not excited about the innovation. These are mainly men and young people, according to sociologists.11% of respondents believe that the key advantages of an e-passport will be its versatility. Another 8% believe that this form of an ID will be more durable, the same number of people notes low risks of loss and compactness. Another 7% see the advantage of an electronic passport in its practicality.At the same time, 22% of the respondents find the new document to be unreliabile. 4% of respondents noted the possible risks of data leakage or loss of the e-passport itself. Another 3% of Russians believe that such a document would not be accepted everywhere.