IdentoGO by MorphoTrust USA has launched the first nationwide TSA Pre enrolment bus tour to promote the conveniences of the programme and to bring enrolment services directly to the US public.To make this enrolment tour possible, IdentoGO installed a fully functional TSA Pre enrolment centre in a high profile, custom RV. This mobile enrolment centre will allow more travellers to enrol in the Pre program.Since its debut, the IdentoGO RV has made appearances at concert events and festivals, as well as university and corporate campuses. "TSA Pre simplifies travel for the millions of Americans who are currently enrolled in the programme, but so many people simply don't know how easy it is to enrol," says Charles Carroll, senior vice president of identity services, MorphoTrust USA. "With these custom IdentoGO RVs, we are not only publicising the value of participation, but making it even more convenient by bringing the enrolment centre directly to them. The enrolment process in the RV is exactly the same as what you would experience at one of our centres."TSA Pre is a risk-based security programme designed to make travel faster and more convenient. Once issued a Known Traveler Number, TSA Pre enrolees are no longer required to remove shoes, belts or light jackets, and laptops and liquids can stay in carry-ons bags during airport security screening. In order to enrol, customers need a government issued ID, such as driver's license and proof of US Citizenship such as a birth certificate or passport. Enrolment costs US$85 and travellers enjoy the benefits of TSA Pre for five years.The RV is the first of two IdentoGO mobile centres that will be launching in the coming weeks.