US-based biometrics firm MorphoTrust has announced that four patent infringement lawsuits filed by Blue Spike have been dismissed with prejudice.Blue Spike has voluntarily dismissed lawsuits, which related to digital-watermarking and “signal abstracting” technologies, which were filed in 2012 and 2013. No money or any other consideration was paid to Blue Spike.”MorphoTrust, MorphoTrak, our parent and affiliates have a robust research and development history which has led to decades of leadership in biometrics technology,” said MorphoTrust CEO Bob Eckel.”We brought these innovations to market to serve the biometric identification, document authentication, and data verification needs of customers in government, banking, travel, and more. The dismissal of these suits represents a complete victory and validates our pioneering position in the industry.”The dismissal came after MorphoTrust filed a Motion for Summary Judgment seeking to invalidate claims asserted from Blue Spike's patents in the Court of Federal Claims, and a Motion for Recovery of Costs and Attorneys' Fees for related discovery against Blue Spike in the same court.”We are not the first, nor the last, to be burdened with infringement claims by entities that in our opinion have no real business model other than to sue successful companies, hoping for a 'quick payday' settlement from a baseless lawsuit,” said Scott Boylan, MorphoTrust Vice President and General Counsel. “Our patents and commercial products not only pre-date those asserted by Blue Spike, they are in different fields of technology.”In December 2012, Planet Biometrics reported that BIO-key International, a provider of fingerprint biometric identification solutions and advanced mobile identification technology, said it has resolved litigation filed against it by Blue Spike LLC.At the time, Blue Spike was known to be actively pursuing patent claims on a variety of security-based companies. Its patent portfolio is growing all the time – an archived list can be found here.Blue Spike had filed suit against the company in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas alleging that the Company infringed one or more claims of U.S. Patents Nos. 7,346,472, 7,660,700, 7,949,494, and 8,214,175.BIO-key said it had reached an agreement to resolve the litigation, which resulted in a dismissal of all claims.- See more at: