French-Chinese smartphone developer Alcatel has launched a budget smartphone that features eye-vein authentication technology developed by EyeVerify.The Onetouch Idol 3 comes pre-installed with Eyeprint ID 2.0, a an eye-scanning security feature that uses the 8-MP front camera to read the blood vessel patterns in the whites of the user's eyes for identification to unlock the device.Eyeprint ID 2.0 uses the existing cameras on smartphones to image and pattern match the blood vessels in the whites of the eye.EyeVerify launched Eyeprint ID v2.0 last November, saying this version of its eye-vein software solution cuts authentication time for smart devices to just 800 milliseconds. The firm described it as a “significant breakthrough” in user experience and speed.In March, ZTE added the eye-vein recognition solution to its latest flagship handset, the ZTE Grand S3.A third Chinese smartphone manufacturer, vivo, also this week released a smartphone featuting “eye-vein” reading technology, but EyeVerify are yet to confirm if it is Eyeprint ID v2.0.