Secure identity and biometrics firm Morpho (Safran) has joined the Natural Security Alliance, a body engaged in setting authentication standards for biometric payments.Natural Security says its offer the world's only specifications for a strong authentication method involving a personal device (e.g. smart card, mobile, connected device) that can securely communicate with biometric readers via contact, NFC or mid-range (e.g. BLE, WPAN) technologies.”Recognition from a global leader in biometrics such as Morpho validates Natural Security Alliance's positioning and objectives, and should encourage other major players to join the Alliance and adopt the standard” said the NSA in a statement.The group added that Morpho's arrival will also pave the way for the Alliance to explore new biometric methods (e.g. face recognition) and help strengthen mobile phone implementations.Morpho, a high-technology company belonging to the Safran, employs more than 8,400 people in 40 countries, and reported revenues of more than 1.5 billion euros in 2014.Last December, the Natural Security Alliance announced the launch of the first connected devices that implement its proximity payment standards. The NSA said the two devices, manufactured by UINT (WIBiMi) and Trust Designer (TeDeGO), were designed based on open specifications and are currently being evaluated for certification.