Voice prints will play a key role in an identity scheme being rolled out by Australia's government, an official confirmed this week.Speaking at CeBIT 2015 in Sydney, communications minister Malcolm Turnbull said that a trusted digital identity framework being developed will also involve the use of a voiceprint to access services through telephony and mobile channels.”The 'tell us once' functionality will enable individuals and businesses to update their contact details with the government once and choose to share this information with other relevant agencies seamlessly through myGov,” he said.Turnbull said myGov would be offered to all other state and local governments at no cost, other than those associated with the initial “onboarding”.Earlier this year, the Department of Human Services added optional two-factor authentication to the myGov service, using OTPs.Last September, Planet Biometrics reported that a voice-based biometric recognition system launched by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to streamline authentication during calls had enrolled 30,000 users in just two weeks.An ATO privacy policy document published in March stated: “We maintain a voiceprint database which may in the future become a whole of government voiceprint database”.