The namesake service that the government’s One Login will offer is simple access a range of government’s online functions, requiring only a one-time login credential.

The programme was designed to unify one security method across all of the UK governments services in 2021. With full deployment not expected until 2025, the Cabinet Office has suggested finer points on how the legislation should better enable better verification of every citizen that uses His Majesty’s government services, using all government-held datasets together.

The Cabinet Office is launching a consultation to last 8 weeks which will strengthen important data sharing between government departments.

Later in the summer one division of these services, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), will migrate to using the One Login digital identity platform. It is a project that will be central focus of digitalising government functions, costing around US$550 million.

The technical development of One Login has come along far with several contracts including with Deloitte creating a platform that can remember a user’s one login credential again. In further news releases, the GDS stated a bet version of One Login had been developed.