The thorough process of checking a candidate is trusted and suitable is pathing the way for identity providers to expand their offering in the recruitment sector, with secure platforms to exchange career credentials and pre-employment ID verification software.

To consolidate their digital identity solutions in the employment market, Sterling Identity and Yoti have teamed up in a formal partnership to integrate their verification methods for the candidate.

Sterling collects biometric and verification data across sectors for businesses and individuals, providing verification that fulfils a primary needs for employers to know who candidates are while making these trusted tools decentralised so the applicant has control over their application.

Yoti specialises in identity verification services for government partners where facial recognition technology and digital ID is used in similar ways to establish the background of an individual and rights to work, live and access opportunities. Together, this collaboration will streamline background checks to enable the exchange of personal details between businesses and organisations and individuals.

In a statement confirming the news, Robin Tombs, CEO at Yoti said:

“We’re delighted to combine our digital identity verification technology with Sterling’s expertise in background screening to create an innovative, integrated digital identity solution. We can offer companies the most comprehensive, secure, and efficient employment checks. By adopting an ‘identity first’ approach, employers can be confident the correct person is applying for the job, and benefit from a smooth onboarding process. Our digital identity checks will streamline background screening and improve efficiencies throughout the hiring process”.

Digital identity verification should always be privacy-abiding, even when used in the hiring process to build up a profile of an individuals’ skills, character, personal and professional background, convictions and location. It should not be used as an invasive technique to discriminate or ruin job chances.