A molding and tool manufacturer has deployed Bio-key's fingerprint biometric authentication solutions to secure its factory and administrative network access.The Midwest molding and tool manufacturer is implementing BIO-key's ID Director for Windows software to add a biometric authentication layer to Microsoft Active Directory, the company's network access protocol.The company is also deploying EcoID, BIO-key's compact fingerprint scanner for Microsoft Windows Enterprise customers, to provide biometric authentication on individual and shared workstations.In a statement, BIO-key said it is seeing growing appreciation of the value of biometric authentication for manufacturing companies trying to address the security vulnerability of passwords as well as the administrative headaches and bottlenecks they can cause in factory workflow.Barbara Rivera, COO, BIO-key, “It should not surprise anyone that a solution developed decades ago, for an entirely different use case and environment, is neither effective nor relevant for security today. Our recent deployments in the manufacturing sector demonstrate that the security, ease of use and attractive cost of ownership of our biometric solutions are being recognized in mainstream America. We are actively working to highlight our growing base of biometric deployments to further stimulate additional demand from manufacturers as well as other enterprises facing similar challenges.”