Central Asian state Kyrgyzstan has begun issuing ICAO-compliant eIDs.The National Electronic Identity Card (eID) is a new generation document that certifies the identity of a citizen of Kyrgyz Republic, using an integrated circuit chip.Beginning from May 2017, the State registration service under the Kyrgyz Government had started the enrollment of applications for issuing the National electronic identification cards for Kyrgyz citizens.The New Electronic Identity Card is equipped with security features and can be used for a range of eGovernment services.For instance, SE Infocom noted in a statement the eID means a fast enrollment process and issuance as well as seamless border crossing to Russia and Kazakhstan. According to a decision of the Kyrgyz Government, a replacement of eID will be free of charge for all eligible Kyrgyz citizens by the end of 2017.The new eID will cost about $6 for the citizens starting from 2018, which is about the cost of a standard non-electronic identification card.The eNID chip is dual interface (contact and contactless). It contains the name, nationality, sex, citizenship, place of birth, digital photo of holder, marital state, address of residence, two fingerprints, signature andcertificates for digital signature and authorization. The eNID chip uses dual (contact and contactless) interface for data access and it is an ICAO-compliant identity and travel document with an embedded chip designed to store facial and fingerprint biometrics data.Speaking to Security Document World, the company noted that the main card producer is KOMSCO, and the chip is supplied by Samsung. The hologram (DID 90 Color Permutation) was produced by Surys Hologram Industries.When changing marital status or address, all the changes will be updated directly in the computer chip, and you will no longer have to get a new card, thus you save time and money.The new Electronic Identity Card is a step into the digital future, and one step to the information society focused on the needs of a citizen. This project confirms that Kyrgyzstan has raised the bar in terms of convenience and high security for the identity document of its citizens.Kyrgyzstan is the first country in the Central Asian Region to introduce an international eID-card that is fully compliant with requirements of the ICAO.The eID project in Kyrgyzstan is implemented by State Registration Service and State Enterprise Infocom in close cooperation with KOMSCO and Ubivelox (Korea) and Emperor Technology (China).