South Korea's KEB Hana has enabled fingerprint authentication for a number of functions in its mobile app.KEB Hana customers can required to scan and register their fingerprints on the bank's app, 1Q Bank, to complete most of its banking transactions, ranging from transferring money and subscribing to new financial products to registering for loans.The service is currently available on Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 smartphones.”We used to think that security and convenience are two contradictory concepts,” Han Joon-seong, an executive at KEB Hana, told the Korea Jooang Daily. “This time, while working on the fingerprint verification service, we realized the two goals can be achieved simultaneously”.Users are still required to input numbers from their security card or a one-time password (OTP) generated by a chip offered by the bank, but the authentication process is made a lot easier with fingerprint recognition, the bank said.KEB Hana clients first register their fingerprints on the bank's app by placing a finger on the home button for at least three seconds. To make a wire transfer, they first insert the recipient's account information and input the number from a security card or OTP chip. Then, they place their finger on the device's home button for at least three seconds until the verification completes. If a user fails the verification more than five consecutive times, he or she has to re-register their fingerprint with the bank.