ZKTeco has announced that a trade body has ranked its latest face recognition reader amongst the Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2019.ZKTeco model SF1008-WP is a high-speed face recognition reader used primarily in hands-free access control and time & attendance applications. Its IP68 (dust & water resistance) and IK04 (vandal resistance) ratings ensure its uninterrupted operation even in harsh outdoor weather and high-crime operating environments. SF1008-WP can also operate in very bright lighting conditions (< 50,000 Lux).Its high-speed algorithm can store & match up to 50,000 users in less than 0.3 seconds. It also has an anti-spoofing engine that can withstand almost all types of fake photo attacks. SF1008-WP has an easy-to-navigate 8-inch touch screen which makes programming very simple & convenient. Users can either be enrolled directly on the SF1008-WP or remotely from the convenience of any computer or handheld device with a camera.ZKTeco USA CEO Larry Reed noted: "SF1008-WP is the 5th ZKTeco product to be ranked in the SSI Top 30 Innovations in past 7 years. I am extremely proud of our R&D. Their technology achievements never cease to amaze me. We were one of the very first developers of multi-biometric stand-alone readers almost 10 years ago. And now in response to growing market demand, we proudly introduce our outdoor-rated face recognition technology with live face detection so that customers can now secure perimeter doors, gates & turnstiles with greater security & convenience and traffic throughput.