Kneron, an on-device edge artificial intelligence (AI) company based in San Diego, announced that its Facial Recognition Solution has been adopted by the public banks of Taiwan for its door security and attendance management systems through Kneron's partnership with TUNG-I Information Service (TIIS).East Asia has been at the cutting edge of adopting facial recognition security services for use cases including security systems, payment services, public transportation, and travel & hospitality services. The public banks of Taiwan are looking to add facial recognition security to its services, starting with its own internal security systems.Along with new security technologies and applications comes new ways to attack these new systems. For facial recognition security services, the most direct way is to deceive the camera's computer vision through visual copies of the owner's face. This can come in the form of 2D photos, video images or even 3D masks that all attempt to fool the software that is processing the facial recognition security.Kneron's facial recognition solution achieves an accuracy rate of 99.95% and was chosen due to its industry-leading lightweight accuracy, anti-fraud detection capability, and its visual recognition speed of under 100 milliseconds.This successful case with TIIS, a systems integration partner, to utilize their technology with the public banks of Taiwan is just one successful example of Kneron's growth in the area of facial recognition security systems tailored for security and payment systems.According to the project leader for the public banks of Taiwan, “We are very impressed with Kneron's Facial Recognition edge AI solution for door security and attendance management applications. Its high accuracy and fast response times lower our operational expense, raises our administrative efficiency and provides higher security to our organization.”Albert Liu, Kneron Founder and CEO stated, “We are excited to have a major financial institution validate what we've been working towards, and that is enabling secure on-device edge AI solutions everywhere. This is just the beginning as we continue to prove the flexibility of our technology through more upcoming market-ready products launching with our solutions in them.”