KioWare Basic and KioWare Full for Windows now support the Omron facial recognition device and Omron multi-sensor device, according to a press release. Facial recognition technology can estimate a user's age, facial expression (such as anger, happiness, neutral, sadness and surprise), facial identity, gender and more. When used with Kioware software, the kiosk can serve different content based on predefined characteristics and behaviors. Facial recognition technology can be used with kiosk applications tied to identification databases. The technology can be used to serve individualized content based on a user's identity, to provide security, or to create a personalized experience for users based on facial characteristics. The newly supported Omron multi-sensor device stores temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, light intensity, sound noise, acceleration, equivalent total organic compounds and other environmental information. This information is particularly useful for outdoor kiosk deployments, water park (indoor or outdoor) deployments, and other non-temperature or humidity-controlled environments.Device support has also been added for the Feig electronic OBID RFID reader, the new Star printer API, Practical Automation's wide format printers and more.