Cleveland-based KeyBank has announced that its customers can now use the biometrics-backed mobile payment service Android Pay.KeyBank clients can use their Android phones to make purchases anywhere contactless payments are accepted, as well as in supported mobile apps.”We know our clients value the ease of mobile payments, as well as the ability to choose the mobile payment device that is the best fit for their purposes,” said Jason M. Rudman, Executive Vice President and KeyBank Head of Consumer Payments and Digital Banking. “We are very pleased to be able to expand our clients' ability to use their mobile device to make purchases when, where and how they choose.”KeyBank was among the first US banks to adopt Apple Pay, enabling the service in March 2015.”We use a detailed identity and verification protocol whenever we observe factors that might indicate attempted fraud when KeyBank cards are being added to Apple Pay,” said Matthew D. Lehman, senior vice president and head of digital banking, at the time.