German supplier Jenetric has said that its tenprint scanner – claimed to be the world's smallest – is now suitable for police applications.The supplier's LIVETOUCH quattro device has been FBI-certified for capturing rolled fingerprints.According to the company, capturing high quality rolled fingerprints electronically is a challenge and usually demands a great deal of experience from the officer. During the rolling process numerous individual images are normally taken and subsequently combined to a complete image – meaning that fingers must not slip during recording or finger ridges are incorrectly aligned.The LIVETOUCH quattro has an error minimizing algorithm to support officers during the roll capture process, the supplier noted.The device also has a transparent image sensor that allows instructions to be shown on the display underneath the capturing area while recording a fingerprint. This sort of information includes exact details on, where, in which direction and at which speed the fingers have to be rolled. This new guidance will help to avoid typical errors such as slipping, lifting or twisting the fingers even under difficult conditions, and ensures a constant high quality of rolled fingerprints, the company claims.Jenetric anticipates that the new FBI tenprint certification will allow its device to be used for law enforcement, background checks or during asylum registration procedures within the European Union.