ITW Security Division has developed its latest generation of Holographic Passport Film for DILETTA's new RL120+ passport laminator, to enable it to accurately apply laminates at speeds of up to 400 passports per hour, offering users significant enhancements in both machine utilisation, speed and security.The DILETTA RL120+ is a desktop reel-to-reel laminator for both registered or wallpaper overlay laminates. It comes with various software tools to adjust the parameters of the laminator and with key features such as easy laminate replacement, a quick release system, automatic passport page sizing and end of reel detection, offers considerable benefits to passport issuers.ITW Security Division's Holographic Passport Film is supplied on reels up to 125mm in diameter to maximise efficiency for the DILETTA RL120+. During the lamination process, the polyester carrier film deposits a thin tamper evident overlay to protect the passport page and can incorporate a wide variety of unique ITW Security features to enable easy authentication and prevent falsification. From registered print images and holographics, to non-registered repeating images or 'wallpaper' designs, the laminate solution can include sophisticated security print and ink features to make it unique to each customer's passport project.ITW Security Division's Holographic Passport Films utilise proprietary technology to create fully customised solutions for protecting government and personal ID documents against forgery and counterfeit attempts. The business is unique in its ability to offer a complete range of laminates across document types and specifications.ITW Security Division worked extremely closely with DILETTA to integrate its security laminates and overlays for the new DILETTA RL120+ laminator. Commenting on the project, Joanne Ogden, ITW Security Division's Global Sales Manager said, "Throughout the design process, both companies worked hard to successfully integrate our Holographic Passport Film technology with the RL120+ laminator and deliver the ultra-high-speed of application now available with the launch of this desktop laminator.ITW Security Division will be exhibiting at SDW 2018 – 25-27 June 2018 in London, UK. SDW is a world-leading conference and exhibition event for those in the government and citizen identity marketplace, focusing on intrinsic document security including the latest innovations in design, production and use.Free exhibition entry | Buy conference pass