Israel's science ministry has issued a call for proposals for biometric and identification research and development worth NIS 1.8 million (US$500,000).The ministry says the aim of the project is to advance existing knowledge in the field, create applications and increase the number of researchers and the number of research studies. . Each project will receive NIS 450,000 for a period of up to three years.Science, Technology and Space Minister Ofir Akunis said the aim was “to express the added value of the scientists and entrepreneurs in Israel who can predict problems we may face, and help create solutions, and promote Israel as a leader in the field.”The field of identification, which includes the use of biometric applications, is occupying many governments around the world. Secure identification for online services and smartphones will enable state and private sectors to provide people with a broader, more secure basket of services, the ministry said.As part of this trend, we have seen significant momentum in the use of biometric applications at a high level of accuracy. The more secure the identification, the less it will be necessary to verify physical identities. This will improve service to the public, especially to people in the periphery.It will increase efficiency and make it easier for businesses to function, the ministry said.Dr. Evyatar Matania, head of the cyber bureau, said: “Increasing the use of biometric applications will be of considerable benefit to society and the economy. To accomplish this, it is important to create an ecosystem among the government, academia and industry. The financing of research is one of the main tools to accomplish this.”